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We are always happy to share our knowledge, “Sharing is caring” is one of our motos!

With years of experience in training small and large groups, we aim to provide theoretical and hands-on training to you and your employees in order to empower your skills and be more work efficient and effective. Training with us will let you understand the fundamentals of Digital Marketing, how it works and how you can combine different fields of Digital Marketing in order to achieve the maximum outcome. You will also get free access to tons of handy tools, strategies and growth concepts which you could apply on your business. In GrowthOwls we think out-of-the-box and we combine strategies and tactics for game changing concepts! We will teach you how to do that, it is a promise.

Courses can be done via Zoom meetings or in person

Check out our digital marketing training courses 

Business Trainings

SEO Training course

End to end SEO course, covering SEO & Search Engine Fundamentals, On Page & Off Page SEO. Bonus! We will teach you how to Audit your website, improve it and create a dominant SEO Strategy

Business Trainings

Paid Advertising Training Course

Learn how to set up your accounts and how to optimize them in order to achieve the maximum outcome in Paid Advertising.

Business Trainings

Content Marketing Training Course

Content is the King, we will teach you how to create it, share it and leverage it in order to attract more traffic and convert it into customers

Business Trainings

All-in-One Exclusive Training Course

Become your our Digital Marketing Expert! Contact us to learn more

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