What T-Shaped marketer means & why you need one


You probably came across with the term “t-shaped marketer”  and you try to figure out what the heck does it mean, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right? Let’s dig in!

Well, “T Shaped” refers to a special type of qualities & skills that make someone special & valuable. 

A “T Shaped” digital marketer is someone that constantly learns, evolves and experiments to improve his skills and learn new things.

In other words, a T Shaped marketer has broad knowledge covering a wide range of digital tactics with in-depth knowledge in 1 or maybe 2 specific areas.

Being “t shaped” is not easy but once you reach this point, you can use and combine your skills and knowledge to skyrocket your work results. The majority of digital marketers are not  T Shaped and they only specialize marketers in one specific area, so T Shaped digital marketers are not very easy to find but trust me they exist! 

“Do i need a T Shaped Digital marketer?” you may ask yourself. Definitely yes!


Here’s why: 

Let’s say that your digital marketer runs Google Ads campaigns. Google Ads has it’s own metric named “Google Ads Quality Score” which can alternate the CPC (Cost per Click) the Ad position and the number of your ad being displayed. The higher score you get in Google Ads Quality Score the less you pay per click, you also have higher ad ranking and you can multiply the number of times your ad is being displayed. 

If your digital marketer is “T Shaped” and knows about SEO, web development and has also copywriting skills he can easily optimize the campaigns and improve Google Ads Quality score by combining these techniques. 

Here in GrowthOwls one of our mottos is “knowledge is power” so we are constantly evolving, learning and experimenting.


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