About Us

We are not a typical digital growth agency, we are friends who used to work together in previous agencies  and share the same passion for digital growth. That is what works 😃

After years of working on a variety of complex projects that involved a lot of experimentation with tools and strategies, we decided that now is the time to build our own “thing”.

Growth Owls is a dedicated boutique digital growth agency with a team of  12 highly experienced specialists of  T Shaped professionals (what the heck is T Shaped? See here) covering research & market analysis, digital growth concepts, web design, content creation, web development and support. 

Besides our team, we have a vast network of partners that cover almost every necessity, varying from professional film-makers, publishers, high profiled influencers and event organizers to vendors and suppliers.

About us

Every member on the team has his/hers own speciality. Therefore, instead of having people handle many things at once (some of those things may not even be their area of expertise), team members focus solemnly on the things they do best, thus providing the best possible outcome. Following and applying the “T Shape” principle means that although each one of us specialises on 1 or 2 areas we also get spherical knowledge about other aspects of digital growth, thus enhancing our specialization.

We create and deliver “out-of-the-box” digital growth concepts, built on years of marketing experience.

Our mission is to improve your business digital growth and deliver actual results. We are very proud about what our clients have to say about us

Our Values

  • Open and Transparent
  • Self Demanding & Continually Improving
  • Pragmatic & Prioritised
  • Supporting & Collaborative

Work with Us If

#If you need to establish your brand and skyrocket your sales through solid and out-of-the-box growth concepts

#If you understand and value digital marketing but you don’t have a team to execute

#You need someone to guide you

Our Mottos

Your success is our success

Without data you’re just a person with an opinion

Do it with your heart or don’t do it at all

Dare to do what scares you

meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind your Success

At GrowthOwls, we cultivate a positive workplace culture that appeals to the most talented and motivated people.
Our team culture encourages dedication, creativity and continual improvement. In order to provide value for our clients, we invest in our people, tools and practices sensibly.

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